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As professionals, we don't do what our clients want just to make profit from them. We do what our clients need in order for them to maximize their budget and minimize expenses for better results.

Once we get to understand what our clients want to achieve, we present to them the best and most cost-efficient solutions in order to make things easier on both ends. Most of the time, clients do it the hard way only because they don't fully understand the technical processes. So instead of pursuing the project out of their lack of understanding of various technologies employed in the accomplishment of the project, thereby making them spend more in the process, we would rather offer them the best solutions that will help them spend less for same quality results.

Because we care for our clients and we love to pursue perfection.


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Start your own Customer Retention and Loyalty Program in as quick as one day.

Access for FREE our Merchant Tools for sales and order processing, inventory monitoring, and income and expense tracking and graphical reporting.


To learn all about the key features and uses of our custom loyalty card, please check out our Corporate Partnership section below.



Learn how Blockxperts can bring value to your business. As a corporate partner, you may customize our card with your logo. We can even help you design and develop your backoffice systems for your company or organization.



Our Point of Sales (POS) interface allows merchants to accept orders anywhere there is internet, using any computer or device. Ideal for shops, restaurants and other service outlets.


Easily manage your employees personal information, assign hourly pay rates including overtime and holidays, automate salary deductions, upload time logs and more.


Our Stocks and Inventory Management (SIM) system enables merchants and suppliers monitor their incoming and outgoing stocks, track expiring items and much more.


Timekeeping and Payroll allows automated computation of salaries and  generation and printing of payslips.


Money Manager (MoMa) keeps you updated of your income and expenses on a daily basis, and keeps you informed of your sales performance in a given timeframe.





We only partner with the best service providers to ensure our clients that what we offer them as end-to-end solutions are made up of professional and affordable services. Ask for a quote and we will beat all competitions. 

Namecheap, as the name implies, offers one of the cheapest domain names and wide array of domain extensions (TLD). Reserve your name now before they are gone or let us know your preference and we will do it for you. We can help you setup DNS, fine tune servers, etc. if you host your web applications with us.

In partnership with Server4You and ServerLoft as authorized reseller, we provide the cheapest yet powerful dedicated servers in the market. Our data centers are located in US and Europe and it takes less than 24 hours to get your servers up and running. We can help you setup and install your Windows dedicated servers in no time. We will help you setup Windows OS, point your domain name to your server, create e-mail addresses, install SSL and more at no additional cost for you.




We are hard at work with our major projects involving web, mobile and blockchain development.


Indigen (IDGX) is the very first donation token and blockchain project designed specifically for the indigenous people. As a blockchain project, we hope to preserve indigenous cultures, languages and heritages.

CryptoPeso (PHPc) is a secured stablecoin backed up by Philippine Peso (PHP) that aims to solve some of the major problems surrounding the use of fiat and the too volatile cryptocurrencies.

Niwi International is based in Taiwan and Philippines involved in manufacturing and distribution of health and wellness products. Blockpxerts handles the development of their distributors' web-based back office.


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