Our partnership program enables companies to increase

their revenue by adding our Personalized Card as a value-added service.



Our Personalized Card works in many ways, and it can be customized based on the requirement of companies and businesses. Our Corporate Partnership takes our Merchant Connect Program to new heights and farther horizons. 

We aim to help our partners improve their internal operations and employee relations, not just their customer relations and other external factors, through various merchant tools and applications that are available now (and will be made available in the future) for our corporate partners.


As a corporate partner, you may co-brand our card with your company logo, and you will have more freedom and flexibility as to what you can do with your customized cards.

Need help in developing your own business application systems? Let us know, we might just be able to help at no additional cost for you.




Give your customers or employees a sense of importance and prestige through an exclusive membership card. And every time they use the card, your company can give them special privileges such as discounts, prioritized service, regular updates, gifts during their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The possibilities are endless, and they will all lead to increased sales and strengthened loyalty.



Gift cards work similar to gift checks or virtual cash: a customer buys the card with pre-loaded amount, then gives the card as a gift to someone else. Then that person can use the gift card to redeem your products equivalent to the amount loaded onto the card.


But gift cards have better features than gift checks, such as you can re-use and re-load a gift card, and it can be linked to your back office to log each transaction made on the card.




Our Card functions as an eWallet, and it can contain both Cash Value and Reward Points. You could come up with a rewards system wherein every time your clients use the card to purchase your product or service using Cash, they earn Reward Points, which they can accumulate and redeem for products, souvenir items, travel incentives, and others. This in turn can increase customer loyalty and their patronage to your products or services.


Card holders may enroll their cards to our card-to-card transfer service. Members or employees may apply for multiple cards, such as one for each of their friends or family members. They can then transfer balances from their card onto another enrolled account. For example, one can transfer his or her existing reward points to another cardholder and the recipient can use those points to redeem your products.

This feature can be extended to money transfer service.



As an access card, it can be used by employees or students to gain access to the workplace or school, and able to keep track of their time in and out. It can also be linked to your company's timekeeping and payroll system, which automatically logs the time your staff enters and leaves the office. 

For schools, it can be used to track the time a student enters and leaves the school so parents can monitor online if their child is still at school or not. This can be a cheaper alternative to the very expensive and "invasive" biometrics system.




Purchase a minimum of 500 cards at US$ 2.00 each and we will customize your cards with your company logo or brand. You can come up with your own promotional programs specific to your cards only. As a corporate partner, you will have monitoring facility so you will know specific details and status of your individual cards. You may activate or deactivate cards, top up amounts on the cards, and more, from within your own secured Account Central.



For a limited time offer only! Order a minimum of 500 cards @ US $2.00 each and we will give you more than the value of your investment.



We will help develop a custom online app for your Merchant Dashboard which you think you need in your business, for FREE!

* The cost to develop your app should not be more than 50% of your investment in Personalized Cards.


We will help you create a stunning web site for your company to attract new and existing customers. You just need to provide the content for your web pages.


Want to show off a brand new image for your company? We can churn out an idea or two for your corporate identity. That is, if you're not happy with your current one.

Let Blockxperts propel your company
to a higher perspective as one of our Corporate Partners.


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